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I received an email stating an iMac for $19.99 as the advertised price, then you go to the website and it's much more. This is false advertising!

From what I've been reading, the price advertised in the email must be honored by your company and I'd like to take that offer. I will post this email to every complaint site online that I can find until we get the computer for the price advertised in our email. Hubby and I are retired on fixed income and have nothing better to do than to post on the Internet all day every day. You trying to cover your butt at the bottom of the email stating you are not responsible for errors doesn't mean ***.

You are responsible, it's called proof reading and checking prior to posting. You are a business and are held by a higher standard.

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You would NOT be held accountable for your mistake actually. If you send me an email today saying you'll sell me your house for 175 cents and you meant $175K, you aren't legally required to sell it to me for 175 cents.

Even you admit they disclaimed their liability for mistakes within the SAME EMAIL.

The world doesn't work in a way that just allows you to make up your own asinine rules.

North Adams, Massachusetts, United States #777303

You cant possibly be this dumb ? Can you ?

to tommander #777333

Tommander: This isn't a matter of intelligence, it is a matter of accountability in business. If my business made an error in this fashion or in a brick and mortar store it would be my responsibility to honor my promise and advertisement.

Being rude tommander isn't necessary and actually shows your lack of intelligence. :grin

to msrosn North Adams, Massachusetts, United States #777394

Dont be such a entitled pig . They are not going to give you a $1400 computer for $19.99 because someone made a mistake.

Yes mistakes happen . Whats even worse is that it was a email most likely sent by a contracted ad agency not even the company. Im not trying to be rude but really ?

You talk about accountability yet your willing to take a computer for $20 because of a mistake.

And yes they have to cover their butt with "Not responsible for errors" at the bottom of the page because of people like you that feel this kind of deal should be honored no matter what the loss to the company would be. Your complaint has absolutely no ethical basis and certainly no legal basis.

to Anonymous #777426

Wow, love that no one takes responsibilities for their own actions and the public agrees with that, now that's an entitled pigs comment.....btw, the email was sent directly from the company and if I made that type of mistake, I would be held accountable for it. And ethics would be to stand behind your advertisement.

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